Keyword Research

Without doing your keyword research first your wasting your time!

I thought this video would be a good way to kick things off. That’s because without setting your site up properly by first doing your keyword research, and utilizing long tail keyword phrases in your content your just doing things wrong.


Here are just a few more topics of interest when you start building your website for maximum ROI.

    • Understanding how keywords work
    • Using long-tail keywords, phrase patterns, and plurals
    • Organizing keyword data with a keyword spreadsheet
    • Interpreting data and discovering searcher intent
    • Measuring keyword competitiveness and brand impact
    • Examining keyword demand and keyword trends
    • Applying keywords to your website for maximum searchability
    • Creating effective PPC ads based on keywords
    • Understanding PPC bidding strategies to avoid costly mistakes
    • Measuring results so you can further prioritize marketing efforts

I hope you liked the video. There will be more in the coming days.


That’s all for now,